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Here you will find an interesting collection of materials, stories, pictures and data devoted to our hobby. SK Vineyards is located in Granite Bay, California near the Folsom Lake reservoir. More precisely we are located at:
Lat: N 38 ° 46 ' 9 '' ( 38.769 ° )
Lon: W 121 ° 11 ' 2 '' ( -121.184 ° )
Elevation: 384 ft

SKVineyards is an award winning amateur winery. We use very sophisticated professional equipment and techniques to consistently produce award winning high quality wines. In 2019 we have thus far taken a silver for our only entry, a viogniere. We have taken double golds and many other awards. What is most important to us is that our friends really enjoy our wines and they enjoy learning about wine making.

For even more astronomically inclined folks (like us) we also like to know what the sky conditions will be for taking long duration photographs of nebula, galaxies, pulsars and planets using our RBFT which is located way back in the vineyard. To see current night sky viewing conditions in our immediate area please click here.

For those of you who like to play with Google Earth there is a fairly recent satellite picture available online . We are fairly certain that this picture was taken in July or August 2007.

--The YouTube video made by  of the Santa Cruz Bottling Party May 31, 2008 can be accessed by clicking here

About Stesher Krommer Vineyards:
The Vineyard was named during our first crush in October of 2003. It was late on that sunny Saturday afternoon and all who had helped pick the grapes and get them ready for fermentation were present and presently intoxicated. Plenty of wine was about and much was consumed. We were all VERY happy. Late in the day someone asked me how wine was made and I told them the story of how you first pick the grapes and then run them through a stesher krommer….and there was my fatal mistake! Rather than pronounce the name of the device correctly as a stemmer crusher, I stumbled through pronouncing it instead as a stesher krommer and increased the injury to my infant vitricultural reputation by repeating the error at least three more times that day. Well all sorts of commotion broke out over my repeated slip of the tongue and our friends decided then and there that the name of our vineyard and winery was to be Stesher Krommer from then on.

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