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My leg, Someone else's glass of wine, and the table in the gazebo... sometime during the summer of '07
The Cabernet as seen from the gazebo
2005 Barrel room
May 2006. One of my favorite pictures. The wine guru and Donna raise a toast in the gazebo by the vineyard.
2006 Barrel Room

John is REALLY good on the D9 Bulldozer.

Taken in November of 04 after we cleared the land for the new vineyard

From the 2005 St. Suprey Amature Wine competition. Yes we finally got Sally a shirt.
Me, Daisy and Bear standing on the land we just cleared. We chipped aall the logs into a row of wood chips that ended up being 250 feet long and six feet high. It burned and smoldered for a week.
Professional Help and the perks are good too!
Mutt and Jeff, Sam and Dave, Dumb and Dumber? Words cannot describe the insanity that it takes to put in a vineyard from scratch!
160 Steel T Posts, 20 Channel Steel end posts, 20 earth anchors, 500 milk cartons, 500 bamboo stakes, 12,000 feet of High tensile wire, 500 cross arms, 3000 feet of drip get the idea
March 2004 a brand new vineyard takes shape.


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