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New for 2011 and still in use

Our first official bottling of our very own Viognier from our own vineyard. We chose Audrey Hepburn, the iconic star of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "My Fair Lady" to represent the freshness and life in our Viognier.

We hope you enjoy it.

2003 Syrah, The "A" Barrel

We purchased this label off of the Internet. Donna picked it out. It is Monet's painting of the Garden at Givenchy. We only used this label once.

2006 Sangiovese

I picked this one out. It is a copy of Van Gogh's painting entitled "Irises". We used this label art only once.

2007 Rosť Tempranillo

This was another one that I put together. This was a one time experiment. It turned out well but we moved on.

2005 Red House Red

Named for one of my favorite Blues tunes.

The fine print reads, "An amusing blend of everything we could not use elsewhere". We used this label until 2010 when we stopped blending "everything". All the vintages were very well received.


2006 through the present

Donna and I found this image on the Internet. She named the wine. People ask us specifically for Flamenco

2005 Cabernet

2005 Cabernet Franc


This label was commissioned by us from an artist named Allison Buckholtz. Our friend Jeff Hayes printed these labels on waterproof water bottle label stock.

We have also put up some of Allison's ideas that she used in developing this label for us. Her sketches are HERE, HERE and HERE.

2003 Redemption Red
Table Wine

The inscription at the bottom reads, "Screw the French...Drink our stuff"

It qualified for the redemption name because we saved some very high alcohol stuff by blending it. It was still pretty stout but eminently drinkable.

2005 Schooner Cabernet

A nice preprinted label that we used the last of the printed stock in 2015 to label some tempranillo.

Donna found this art work in the Internet and liked it so much I bought her a lithograph of it from the author. We framed it and it hangs in one of the guest bedrooms. We bottled this on Saturday May 31, 2008 at the home of Fred and Marcia in Santa Cruz, CA who hosted a great party.

The wine itself is pretty good. This is the first batch of Cabernet that we rescued from the Barnes' vineyard. It had been watered a bit too much and had some PM which we picked around as best we could. Mike had the bright idea of adding 3.5 gallons of Petite Verdot to the barrel and some Liquigum to improve the mouth feel. In essence it is a bit weak for a cab but it has a nice smooth finish and the tannins and acid are pretty much spot on.

2007 Double Gold Zinfandel,

The "Annie Oakley" label...we think that maybe the judges saw the label and figured if Annie Oakley could get all those awards then so should we. This wine took a:
double gold at the California State Fair.
double barrel zinfandel
2008 Sangiovese

We thought our Sangivese would do well in the State Fair this year....it got a silver. The Label is a gold coin with the image of Jove. Sangiovese literally translated means, " The blood of Jupiter"

We never used this label again

2011 Sangiovese
to the present

I found this watercolor on the net and changed it a bit to iclude some language about ESTATE BOTTLED which all of our stuff is now that the vineyard is 13 years old. We are going to stick with this label art for the foreseeable future.

sangiovese label

Sometimes I don't have any ideas for labels so I come up with stupid stuff....like this.

A few years back our good friend John Hayes pointed out that we had Goose Poop all over the back yard left by the migrating Canadians (Geese that is). He came up with this idea and I actually made a label. This wine was very good and the label turns out to be one of everyone's favorites.

goose poop cellars


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