Vineyard Weather

At SK Vineyards, we operate a digital wireless weather station which affords us the ability to observe real time stats on the current weather conditions in our vineyard. Mother Nature is a powerful component to the quality of the grapes that we are able to produce here each year.

Now that we can collect reliable information on weather in the vineyard over the space of a year, we intend to populate this space with once annual updates and some comments to go along with them.

The station equipment that we use is a solar powered wireless Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2. In addition to the Base weather station we have added a soil temperature probe and a soil moisture sensor. The entire weather station is located in the middle of our vineyard about 800 feet from the house where the ground station is for the wireless connection. The anemometer is on top of a guyed 10 meter pole in the vineyard. The air temperature and other sensors are located eight feet above the ground on the same pole in the vineyard. The Vineyard is 384 feet ASL.

All of our weather data is updated every three seconds via the Internet to the Weather Underground which captures and creates these databases for us. Our weather station is visited online more than 700 times each month. We have no idea who these folks are.

July 01, 2009 through June 30, 2010
Precipitation: 25.11 inches

The 12 months covered in this report contain some very interesting data. For instance look at the spike in barometric pressure in the middle of January. The winds in the Vineyard hit a high of 46 miles per hour (by no means a record) as this low pressure system which hit 28.87 millibars transited the area. We also received a very light dusting of snow in early December when the temperature dropped below freezing for a time.

Here are the raw numbers for this twelve month period....

High 106.5 °F
Low 25.1 °F
Average 59.3 °F

Dew Point:
High 65.1 °F
Low 19.8 °F
Average45.7 °F

High 99.0%
Low 14.0%
Average 65.5%

Wind Gust:
46.0mph from the WSW

Pressure: H 30.40in L 28.87in